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it's juls
04 May 2014 @ 11:24 am
hello old friends, long time no see.
idek what I am going to write in this post tbh, cause I basically forgot I owned an lj account. Guess I'm spending way too much time on tumblr, even though my queue is the only thing that's running at the moment.
so what's up here? :D
it's juls
01 May 2014 @ 12:28 pm
01. Personal posts are friends only from now on. And it will be mostly in italian probably :D Meme, random stuffs will be in english and the posts will be public. Graphic post are on lakecastle, and you have to join to see them.
02. If you want to be added, just leave a comment in this post, tell me why I have to add you :) under the cut you could find a list of my fandoms, just in case
03. DO NOT add me first! Please, just comment this post before do it. Or I won't take in consideration your adds
04. You're free to ask me everything you want in this posts :D

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